Confidential Adviser


JCR-Judo believes it is important that everyone can enjoy their sport. We want to be an active and sportive club where everyone feels at home, regardless of someone’s abilities or background. An attractive club for young and old, close by, and accessible. At JCR Judo a lot of good things happen; we are constantly developing and everyone helps and works with the same commitment. However, it can happen that someone does not feel at home at our club;  that he / she has a problem which they can’t share with the instructor or the board. For such cases, one can approach the confidential advisor for support and advice; the confidant offers a listening ear. The advisor will then discuss how the problem can be tackled and guide or even refer the person in question.

For whom

Every member (or parent), volunteer, and staff member of JCR-Judo can elicit the help of the advisor, when they want to talk about integrity violations or suspicions. This always involves confidential contact. If the issues raised actually belong to the disciplinary committee, the confidential adviser will refer to this and, if necessary, help the person concerned with doing so.


The role of the advisor is to be a point of contact, someone who is aware of the possibilities for getting help, someone who guides and supports. In addition, the confidential adviser advises and encourages them to take preventive measures.

Integrity violations

These can be summarized as following:

  • (sexual) harassment,
  •  aggression and violence,
  •  harassment / bullying,
  •  discrimination,
  •  unwanted manners.

Status within the association

The confidential adviser falls under the direct responsibility of the chairman of JCR Judo and is not part of the JCR foundation.

Once a year, the confidential advisor issues a brief anonymised report to the chairman of JCR Judo about her work. The confidential advisor’s report is always treated confidentially.

Who is the confidential advisor within J.C.R.-Judo?

The confidant for the JCR Judo foundation is Margriet Maris. The confidential advisor can be reached via or via the phone numbers  0102307349 & 06-51166161

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