Funkey Judo

The key to having fun in exercise and sport for the youngest: starting at 2 years old

Together with one parent, junior judo is available to the youngest group at JCR Judo. Funkey Judo is the perfect preparation for general junior judo and an ideal class for the development of children aged between 2 and 4 years. The mental and physical skills which children develop during these classes help them in their personal development. Playful learning through movement, rolling around, climbing, running, etc., is one of the focus points of these classes. Another focus point is teaching the children how to care for one another, how to collaborate, and how to function within a group. Furthermore, parents learn how to responsibly play around with their child and children will learn how to listen to instructions. Because the classes are taught in a playful manner, they seamlessly blend in with the child’s perception of their environment.

What is our mission?

Together with our CIOS (the Dutch Sports Academy) trained instructors, JCR Judo has specialised itself in P.E.-inspired judo classes for the youngest target group: tots and toddlers. Having fun in exercising is our mission and something which we want to convey to children. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing or no one who offers sport classes to children aged between 2 and 4 years. Even though research has shown that starting sport at an early age is beneficial and that young children need twice as much movement as adults! Because of this, JCR Judo has made it its mission to offer sport classes to this age group as well. The Funkey Judo classes take place in a neighbourhood P.E.-gym and stimulate children to discover different ways of exercising, through judo-glasses. Because the instructors have been trained within a wide field of sport disciplines and have knowledge about the development, each child is offered uniquely tailored exercises, which can be useful to the parents as well!

How do we do it?

Classes are taught in a “JCR Judo sport and movement philosophy”: each class has its own theme and exercises, during which children develop their motor skills in a playful manner, by running and rolling around, pushing and pulling, throwing, breaking fall, jumping, dancing, aiming, and balancing.

The Funkey Judo classes make sure that the children move a lot and challenges them to experience new things. Since there are also other children present during the class, it will learn the children how to cooperate with each other, share materials with each other, and wait for their turn. This makes the classes a great environment to develop social skills as well. Furthermore, during the class we like to focus on the positive, allowing children to grow and develop themselves within different dimensions.

Membership Funkey Judo

If you are considering taking part in the Funkey Judo classes you can start with a trial lesson of 7,50 euros. After this class, there is the option to subscribe to the full course of 6 lessons, spread out over 6 weeks, for the price of 60 euros. The second period of Funkey Judo starts on the 30th of March 2019. 1st class on 30-03-2019 at 16.00 2nd class on 06-04-2019 at 16.00 3rd class on 13-04-2019 at 16.00 4th class on 11-05-2019 at 16.00 5th class on 18-05-2019 at 16.00 6th class on 25-05-2019 at 16.00 In case of a missed class, there is an opportunity to participate in another class which takes place on the 8th of June at 16.00. This is also the start of the third period of Funkey Judo.

The next step

When children have reached the age of 5, they can start to participate within the regular junior judo classes. Junior judo focuses on children aged between the 5 -12 years and is suited for all sexes. Everybody can do judo. Since 2006, JCR Judo has been a respected judo club, offering judo classes throughout Rotterdam and Barendrecht to 700 children each week.

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