Exercising in safe hands

JCR Judo is a foundation where it is fun and exciting, but where we also practice professional, sportive, and active judo, in the broadest sense of the word. JCR Judo is there for both the recreational and the contest judoka, young and old, and men and women. People with a mental or physical impairment are also more than welcome. All these target groups should feel safe and at home at our club.

At JCR Judo we don’t think that being able to mention that we organize good activities, or that we have a lot of members, or good financial results, is enough. We cherish offering people a second home, where people feel safe and comfortable, where we prevent harassment and bullying. This doesn’t solely hold for our youth, staff, and volunteers, but for everybody who is committed to our activities. In order to achieve this, we have set up a protocol against bullying and harassment. Preventing is better than fixing. It might sound cliché, but it is extremely important in the fight against bullying. By appointing a confidential advisor (someone from outside the club) and by having created a code of conduct we try to prevent bullying from happening.

All instructors have to follow this code of conduct. If you want to work for / with as, both paid or as volunteer, you will be asked to sign this code of conduct. By signing this form, you agree to understanding the code and acting accordingly.

Furthermore, every 2 years we apply for VOG (statement of good behaviour) which can be arranged through our board when you work for us as employee or volunteer. The confidential advisor focusses on all matters regarding “how to keep the club a safe place”.

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