Protocol against (sexual) harassment

In this document, we as board of JCR Judo, have documented how we want to minimise and try to prevent sexual harassment, by stimulating desired behaviour. First we will discuss how we deal with cases in which sexual harassment happens or is about to happen. After this, we will discuss what happens if the situation isn’t resolved.

Stimulating desired behaviour

It is important that the judokas feel safe in their environment. In order to provide a safe environment, (sexual) harassment has to be out of the question. To minimise the risk of (sexual) harassment, we have created a set of rules, which will be mentioned beneath.

  1. I accept and respect the other person as he or she is and I won’t discriminate. Everybody counts within the club
  2. I respect the boundaries of other people
  3. I don’t harass other people. I don’t hurt other people
  4. In no way, I misuse my position
  5. I don’t swear and I don’t make mean jokes or remark about others
  6. I don’t ignore the other
  7. I don’t participate in bullying, gossiping, or laughing at someone
  8. I don’t fight, use violence, or threaten other people. I don’t bring weapons along with me
  9. I don’t touch another person inappropriately or come to close in their personal space
  10. I don’t give inappropriate sexual attention to someone
  11. I don’t ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate remarks regarding someone’s personal life or aesthetics
  12. If someone bothers me I ask that person to stop doing it. If this doesn’t work, I will ask for help
  13. I help others to follow these agreement and step up when I see an offense of these agreements. I also mention it to the instructors or the board

The rules above are communicated during the registration and members need to agree to these. Furthermore, the rules can be found back on this site, on which you can also find information regarding the confidential advisor (VCP). Judoka, coaches, instructors, board members, parents, and others are all asked to mention inappropriate behaviour to the VCP when they suspect or encounter it.


Next to the general rules regarding the etiquette, we have an extra set of roles for the instructors, coaches, and others fulfilling an active roll around young judokas. Hereafter these people will be called supervisors.

  1. The supervisor has to ensure a safe space for the judokas
  2. The supervisor isn’t allowed to make comments which affect the judoka’s self-worth and the relation between the supervisor and the judoka is not allowed to extend further than necessary to the judoka’s personal life
  3. The supervisor doesn’t misuse its position and doesn’t perform sexual harassment
  4. Sexual relationship between the supervisor and a junior judoka are ate all times forbidden and will be seen as a felony
  5. The supervisor isn’t allowed to touch the judoka in a way which can be regarded as sexual or erotic, as is often linked to touching breasts, bottoms, or genitalia
  6. The supervisor isn’t allowed to make (verbal) sexual remarks through any media
  7. During training camps, competitions, and trips, the supervisor treat the athlete and the space in which he or she is located with respect, such as the dressing room or hotel room
  8. The supervisor has the duty – to the extent that he or she is able – to protect the judoka against damage and (power) abuse as a result of Sexual Harassment. Where it is known or arranged who represents the interests of the (young) athlete, the supervisor is obliged to cooperate with these persons or bodies, so that they can perform their work properly.
  9. The supervisor will not give the athlete any (im) material compensation with the apparent intention of a return favour. The supervisor also does not accept any financial rewards or gifts from the athlete that are disproportionate to the usual or agreed remuneration.
  10. The coach will actively ensure that these rules are followed by everyone involved with the athlete. If the counselling behaviour signals that it is not in accordance with these rules of conduct, it will take the necessary action (s).
  11. In those cases where these rules do not (directly) provide, it is within the responsibility of the supervisor to act in the spirit thereof.
  12. We also require all supervisors to submit a Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG).
  13. Resolving situations of sexual harassment: If a situation occurs in which a member still feels sexually intimidated, he or she can go to the contact person (VCP) of our club. This person is trained to assess diverse situations and to initiate and guide the corresponding procedures.
  14. Sanctions: A number of sanctions are external to the club, such as prosecution for violation of articles from the Criminal Code. However, internal sanctions can be imposed by the board after consultation with the VCP. The board puts the collective interest of its athletes above any individual interest of an athlete.

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