Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Visitors:

 1. People who come visit a judo class have to report to the judo instructor.

Article 2 what to expect from JCR-JUDO:

1. Responsibly exercising in a safe environment.

2. Personal and address data, received in your confidence, will not be shared with third parties, without consulting you.

3. Classes are given by skilled, educated and / or enthusiastic trainers.

4. Counsellors, volunteers and / or instructors are all in possession of a valid VOG certificate of conduct.

5. Each department has its own and permanent professional instructor / supervisor.

6. Professionally working sports club with sufficient first aid resources.

7. A large dose of enthusiasm from everyone.

Article 3 Registration:

1. Read the general conditions carefully before completing and submitting the registration form.

2. Every athlete is obliged to take note of the general and the internal rules, including the dojo agreements of JCR-Judo.

3. These rules and conditions are visible on the website www.jcrjudo.nl.

Article 4 Signing:

1. The undersigned declares to have read and understood a copy of this registration form with the membership conditions checklist.

2. The conditions can be found on the website www.jcrjudo.nl

3. The rights under the membership are strictly personal.

4. Athletes under the age of 18 can only be registered by the parent (s) or legal representatives.

5. By signing this registration form you give permission to JCR-Judo to automatically collect the costs from the given bank account in case of unsubscribing. These costs include the due membership fee and other costs that are due to JCR-Judo. Furthermore, a letter of cancellation including members number and the applicable name has to be sent to and received by ledenadministratie@allroundweb.nl

Article 5 Becoming a member of JCR-Judo

1. You can become a member of the club by filling out the online registration form of JCR-Judo and sending it to our secretariat.

2. You can find the registration form on our website under “becoming a member”

Article 6 Membership:

1. By signing the registration form, the undersigned declares that he / she agrees with the membership conditions from the JCR-Judo Foundation, of which the General Terms and Conditions are an inseparable part, and understands what is stated herein.

2. The member will adhere to the rules and guidelines contained herein.

3 The agreement is concluded for a fixed period of 6 or 12 months.

4. During this agreed period, (premature) cancellation is not possible.

5. Membership starts immediately with the first trial lesson.

6. If the agreement is not cancelled one month before the agreed duration, this agreement will continue automatically.

7. After the agreed term, the agreement can be terminated at any time, albeit subject to a cancellation period of 2 months, starting at the month in which the cancellation mail was received by us.

Article 7 Communication:

1. Only Dutch or English is spoken in the club.

2. Correspondence will only take place via mail.

3. The member, his parents, or guardians, must notify JCR-Judo in writing or electronically of changes to the postal address, e-mail address, bank account number, and telephone number in a timely manner.

4. The mail address of the membership administration is ledenadministratie@allroundweb.nl The membership administration of JCR-Judo is obliged to answer your questions or remarks within 10 working days.

Article 8 Fees:

1. Can be adjusted by the JCR-Judo foundation’s board if necessary.

2. Change in membership fee will be announced by mail 1 month before it takes effect.

3. If a price increase takes place, the Consumer has the right to terminate the Agreement within 4 weeks after the announcement.

4. Any prepaid subscription fees will be reimbursed.

5. The possibility of dissolution from paragraph 3 does not apply to price adjustments based on the CBS price index figure for family consumption, nor to price adjustments that follow directly from the law, such as those regarding VAT.

6. The possibility of dissolution from paragraph 3 does not apply when reaching the age limit for junior subscriptions till the ages of 13 and 16.

Article 9 Payments:

 1. When subscribing to a membership, the first month, plus a month in advance and the registration fees (including optional other costs) need to be paid immediately in cash or by debit card.

 2. The athlete or his representatives have to ensure a trouble-free payment of the monthly membership fees

 3. The membership fee is automatically debited each month, around the first day of the new month.

4. For payments made by yourself via your bank account or in cash, bank and processing costs of € 5.00 per collection will be charged.

 5. If the monthly membership fees and / or other due payments cannot be cashed in, you will be reminded once of your payment obligation via your mail address.

 6. If after your 1st reminder the outstanding amount (s) has not been paid within 7 working days and credited to the account of JCR-Judo, the claim will be handed over to a collection agency.

 7. In the event of a notice of default for payment, the remaining outstanding partial payments of the 6 or 12 month membership agreement are immediately due and payable.

 8. The costs associated with this (such as extrajudicial collection costs) are for the account of the member. The member must also pay the statutory interest from the date that the member owes the amount. In addition, after the expiry of the period specified in the aforementioned reminder, in the event of non-payment, all lapsed, insofar as they have not yet been paid, and installments that have yet to expire, are immediately claimable.

 9. In such cases, JCR-Judo reserves the right to deny the use of the facilities to the member concerned.

Article 10 Holidays and holidays:

 1. The holidays of JCR-Judo coincide with the middle region of the primary schools.

 2. On Christian or National holidays, no classes are given and JCR Judo is closed.

 3. Missed classes can be made up during the week after these holidays at one of our other locations or days.

Article 11 Catching up a class:

1. Missed classes can be made up during the same week, if your lesson is scheduled at one of our locations and requested via your own member app or on the website.

Article 12 Freezing of payment in the event of illness:

1. In the event of illness or an accident, membership can be frozen for a specific period of time.

2. You must be able to submit a doctor’s statement or proof of a doctor’s treatment. (We do not ask for your medical file but for a statement, proof from your treating physician that it is not possible to exercise)

3. Temporary freezing or shutting down cannot last longer than 3 months.

Article 13 Photos and Visual Material:

1. The member and other visitors agree to the use of his or her image in print, photo, video, etc. for website and other promotional purposes without claiming compensation.

2. If you object to this, you can indicate in writing on the registration form and always make changes known via mail.

Article 14 Exams and competitions:

1. The costs for the contest group, tournaments, and exams are not included in the tuition fees.

2. In case of absence during one of the exams or tournaments, the exam / tournament registration fee will not be refunded.

Article 15 Excess:

1. JCR-Judo is not liable for damage,  loss, and / or theft of property of the athlete or visitor, nor for personal injuries which might occur to them before, during, or after the use of the facilities.

Article 16 Sportive Mindset:

1. Members must take a sportive approach during the classes and must follow the teacher’s instructions carefully.

2. The JCR-Judo Foundation and its representatives reserve the right at all times to expel members without giving any reason.

Article 17 Terminating Membership:

1 in order to terminate your membership, you must complete the online form on your own member app and send it to ledenadministratie@jcrjudo.nl After all obligations have been met, the automatic collection will be stopped.

2. Within 10 working days you will receive a confirmation of the cancellation to your mail address.

3. In the absence of a written cancellation, the membership will be continuously extended by a period of one month without notice. If you decide to activate your membership again within a period of 40 days, after the date of filling out the “withdrawal authorization” form, you pay € 25 in administration fees per member that you re-register. On presentation of proof of registration to a new municipality outside a radius of 10 kilometers from a JCR-Judo department, the membership can be terminated before the expiry of the agreed contract duration.

Article 18 Privacy:

1. The foundation will not make personal data of members available to third parties.

Article 19 Applicable law:

 1. All Agreements to which these terms and conditions have been declared applicable are governed by Dutch law unless otherwise determined on the basis of mandatory law.

2. If a provision from the contract agreement and / or the general terms and conditions proves to be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the entire agreement.

3. Acceptance of membership is subject to the approval of the board of JCR-Judo

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