The JCR judo club championships

The JCR judo club championships were held last Saturday. No less than 180 judoka’s from JCR judo came to the mat to do judo. All children entered the hall with music, with loud applause from the parents and interested parties. As a warm-up a nice dance was done to swinging music. Before the start of the competitions, the boys and girls team that became champions of South Holland were put in the spotlight. The “Judoka of the year” prize was also awarded. For the age category -12 years the 1st prize went to Luka Groenewegen van de Heijden and the 2nd prize to Arthur Bok. In the age category +12, the 1st prize went to Jessica Buil, the 2nd prize to Giulia de Kreuk and the 3rd prize to Antwayne Gario. After all the exciting games on the 8 mats were completed, the award ceremony followed. All judokas received a nice prize and a healthy apple, which was sponsored by Rainbow International. The presentation was made by honorary member of JCR judo multiple Olympic medalist Deborah Gravenstijn. The organization and JCR judo look back on a successful tournament and a successful and sporting year. We thank all 40 volunteers without whose enthusiasm and commitment this day had not succeeded!