Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of foundation judo club Rijnmond, located in Barendrecht, subscribed in the commercial register of the “kamer van Koophandel” under the number 24382600, afterwards referred to as JCR Judo.

Consciously or unconsciously, you are sharing data with us. It is of utmost importance to us that we carefully handle this data. That is why we have made this document, where we highlight how we deal with your personal information and which rights you have. Do you have questions after reading this information, please contact us.

Sharing personal data with third parties

JCR Judo only shares personal data without your consent when this is necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and JCR Judo or when we are bound by the law to share this to third parties. We have made an overview of situation in which JCR has to share data with third parties.

The table beneath shows you in a quick glance why we collect certain data, for what time period it is stored, and who might get to see the data.

Aim Which Fundamentals Time limit for storage Receivers
To check whether you are a member and execution of the membership Name Surname Address Date of Birth Phone number Email address To execute the agreement If you are a member, this data will be stored for the duration of the agreement. In case of written termination of the agreement, the data will be deleted within 6 months. Not applicable
Administration Name Surname Address Date of Birth Phone number Email address Bank information Payment detail Judo gradation To execute the agreement If you are a member, this data will be stored for the duration of the agreement. After this, the data has to be stored for 7 years after the agreement has been terminated, according to the law. Accountant Tax authorities
Municipal Subsidy Name Date of birth Member’s number Vitality Research No longer than 2 months Rotterdamsportsupport
Sending digital messages, including a newsletter Name Surname Email address To execute the agreement For the duration of a membership E-marketing tools
To improve our digital services Cookies (for more information, see the subsection Cookies and IP data) Permission Each time you visit our website. This data is anonymised as soon as possible. Website administer Analytics tools


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on your  computer by the your web browser whilst using the browser. We use cookies to provide a better online experience. Cookies make sure that you stay logged in and that your preferences, such as language, location, etc., are saved. Furthermore, thanks to cookies, we get an overview of which pages are visited and the number of times they are visited.

In order to be able to use certain cookies, you need permission. Permission isn’t necessary if the cookies are solely functional and analytical, as stated in the law: article 11.7 lid 3 Telecommunicatie wet en privacy verordening.

It is always possible to subtract your cookie permission by changing your browser settings. More information can be found within the help function of your browser.

Consideration, correction, and deletion of personal data

You have the right to ask JCR Judo to view your personal data for consideration, (unless JCR Judo doesn’t have to offer consideration of the data according to the law Algemene Verordening Gegevensbeschreming (AVG)) to add to your personal data, to delete it, or protect it. In case of such a request, you need to be able to identify yourself. In case of a deletion request, JCR Judo will communicate this wish to all other organisations which have received relevant information.

Protection personal data

JCR Judo uses appropriate measures to protect personal data against loss, theft, publication, unauthorised access, and unlawful processing. Something you could pay attention to is that only the necessary people have access to your data.


If you want to register as a minor, you need the explicit consent of your parents or caregivers.


JCR Judo uses pictures of its members. Taking pictures of people in public spaces and publishing them in newspapers, social media, or the website is allowed. This is of course unless the depicted person has a valid reason to be against such a publication, which is often a privacy matter. Whatever is a valid reason and whether this is more important than the publication, is something a judge decides. A published picture of someone can be justified when it shows value.

Adapted privacy policy

JCR Judo has recently changed its privacy policy in order to keep it up to date. On the website you can find the newest version of the privacy policy and we advise you to check it regularly. Important updates to this policy will be communicated vie mail.

Contact details

If you have questions regarding the processing of personal data by JCR Judo or want to make a request to review your personal data, change it, and / or delete it, you can contact the following person: Yorick ter Heegde at


When you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, we would love to help you out. In line with the AVG you even have the right to fill a complaint with the authority “persoonsgegevens” regarding our processing of personal data. In order to do so, you can use the following contact details:

or call 088-1805250.

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